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Xaller’s expert team manually interacts with targeted tiktok users, resulting in enhanced social exposure, followers, and potential customers.

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Step 1: Our team analyze your profile and research the appropriate target audience to ensure optimal organic growth aligned with your goals.

Step 2: We strategically engage manually with the selected target audience to organically boost your interactions and followers.

Step 3: Our experts continue to fine-tune the target audience to consistently deliver the best possible outcomes for your profile and within your specific niche.

"Their service is the only legitimate. ALWAYS deliver great results."

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You'll be happy to know that we don't use bots. Unlike most TikTok services out there, which rely on bots to achieve fake and insignificant numbers, we prioritize genuine and authentic growth for your account by employing a hands-on approach. Say goodbye to fake engagement and hello to real connections with Xaller.


Tiktok has cracked down on growth services that rely on bots. Bought followers are now frequently flagged as bots or fakes by TikTok, and they’ll eventually get removed. Meanwhile, Xaller has the perfect solution. Our service is performed manually, which requires time and energy, but guarantees organic and sustainable growth for your TikTok account by increasing real engagement. Up to date our growth method stands out as the most secure alternative.

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Over the course of our service, we've gathered a wide range of testimonials from satisfied customers.
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Amanda L.
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Xaller's TikTok growth methods are a must-have for businesses. The boost in engagement has led to a significant increase in potential customers.
"Their service is the only legitimate…."
"Their service is the only legitimate…"
Janice L.
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I've been a loyal customer of Xaller, and their consistent delivery of high-quality likes, followers, and comments has been a game-changer for my business. Their professionalism and promptness are truly appreciated, and I couldn't be happier with the results. It's a solid 5-star performance, and I highly recommend it to fellow business owners!
"Brilliant service"
"Brilliant service"
Wayne P.
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Xaller's service has been instrumental in expanding my business's reach on TikTok. It's a powerful tool for attracting new customers.
"New videos + Xaller = Perfect combo"
"New videos + Xaller = Perfect combo"
Nick C.
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While I continued posting new content for my business, Xaller's engagement-boosting service had a remarkable impact, bringing in a great influx of new followers who could potentially become customers. I'm excited to place another order soon, and I want to express my gratitude for the assistance you've given to my brand.



Exposure: ★ ☆ ☆


Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.


10 000

  • Gain 300 - 1200 Followers per Month
  • Growth work done manually
  • Quality targeting (Real followers)
  • Standard priority support
  • Performance report


Exposure: ★ ★ ☆


Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.


15 000

  • Gain 400 - 1600 Followers per Month
  • Growth work done manually
  • Quality targeting (Real followers)
  • High priority support
  • Performance report


Exposure: ★ ★ ★


Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.


20 000+

  • Gain 700 - 2100+ Followers per Month
  • Growth work done manually
  • Quality targeting (Real followers)
  • Top priority support
  • Performance report

IMPORTANT NOTE: Accounts must be active (last post within the week) with more than 15 posts & 1 month old.


+ Is Xaller growth method safe?
Yes! Our method has been proven to be safe over the years with hundreds of managed accounts. We strictly adhere to TikTok’s limits and guidelines to ensure a trouble-free experience. However, we cannot guarantee that temporary suspensions or password resets won’t occur, as these can happen to any user. These issues typically arise when the customer and our team perform growth actions simultaneously. To minimize any potential problems, we recommend that customers refrain from taking actions while using our service.
+ Can I terminate the service whenever I want?
Our service is designed to offer you complete flexibility. We offer a month-to-month purchase option with no auto-renewal, allowing you to make the decision to continue or cancel the service each month according to your individual needs and preferences.
+ How will I experience growth with your service?
TikTok requires consistent activity, but we understand that you may not have the time or resources to dedicate to it. That's where our expertise comes in. Our team specializes in managing the demanding and costly tasks involved in growth on your behalf.

By thoroughly analyzing your profile, we strategically follow accounts that are likely to be interested in your content. After a few days, we will unfollow them.
+ Can I specifically engage with profiles from my country?
Absolutely! Our service primarily focuses on interacting with profiles from the country of your choice, ensuring that you gain followers from your desired location. However, if you have a different preference, you can always reach out to us after your purchase, and we'll be happy to customize the target accordingly.
+ Do I need to provide my password?
Yes, it is necessary to provide your TikTok profile credentials for us to efficiently manage your account. We understand the importance of account security, and we assure you that your password will not be shared with anyone. It will only be used for the purpose of achieving growth.

For added peace of mind, we recommend changing your password once our service is complete. With our agency successfully managing hundereds of TikTok accounts, you can trust us with the responsibility.
+ Will I only gain authentic followers?
Absolutely! At Xaller, we prioritize genuine engagement and strongly condemn the use of fake followers. We understand that the market is flooded with services offering fake followers.

To help you identify them, here are some key indicators: 1.unusually low prices, 2.requests for your TikTok username only, 3.promises of rapid follower and like growth, 4.sudden influx of followers with minimal posts, few followers, and excessive followings. So, be cautious!

At Xaller, our exclusive approach is to provide you with authentic followers through our organic growth method. We are committed to connecting you with real, engaged individuals who will genuinely interact with your content.
+ Is there a specific number of followers I can expect?
While no service can guarantee an exact number of followers, our organic growth service typically helps clients gain between 300 and 2100 followers per month, depending on the selected plan.

The actual number of followers varies based on factors such as your profile's niche, content quality, and account history. It's important to note that if your account has a negative history (purchased followers / excessive automation), building trust with TikTok may take longer.

However, we are committed to laying the foundation for a successful account. We are confident in our ability to deliver results, especially for clean accounts. Remember, consistently posting high-quality content and actively engaging with your followers will significantly contribute to maximizing your success.
+ How do the packages differ from one another?
The main distinction between our packages lies in the amount of dedicated time our team spends working on your profile each day. When you opt for our service, a dedicated team member will thoroughly analyze your profile's target audience and engage in manual follow/unfollow operations to facilitate profile growth.
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